Let yourself be whisked away to strange worlds full of danger, strange creatures, dangerous magic AND romantic love!

Here you will find books with the perfect mix of fantasy and an enticing love story 🧙‍♀️❣️

You are EXACTLY RIGHT here if you are looking for THESE 2 things:

  • Extreme suspense!
    You simply won’t be able to put the book down!
    No matter that you actually have a lot to do – or that it’s already the middle of the night…
    You simply HAVE to know what happens next!
  • Deep emotions!
    The book captivates you, makes you laugh and cry.
    Sometimes it just makes you tear your hair out!
    And yes, you’ll always find HIM here too: the super-hot guy who won’t just turn the heads of my protagonists…

Here you’ll get a break from everyday life and EMOTIONAL CHALLENGES!

Let yourself be carried away by stories full of daring adventures, true friendships and great romance!

This is what awaits you in my books:

Foreign worlds

The worlds you find here are populated by…

  • … demons,
  • … witches and wizards,
  • … living deities,
  • … dangerous sins and
  • … many other mystical creatures!

And you can take my word for it:

  • Not all strange creatures are always equally evil!
    Sometimes these beings seek your company for completely different reasons…

But even that is anything but harmless! 😈

Unique characters

Ok, I have to confess:

My protagonists didn’t usually have it easy with me! 🙈

Because I have…

  • … presented them with almost unsolvable challenges.
  • … made them fight against nasty injustices.
  • … inflicted the worst heartache on them.
  • … exposed them to betrayal, deceit and intrigue and…
  • … kept unbelievable secrets from them.

But don’t worry, the girls are tough! 💪🏻😏

And those who take on demons and sins will also overcome these challenges…

Do you want to dive straight into the magical worlds and accompany the protagonists on their adventurous journeys?

Then start HERE now!