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“Flames, nothing but blazing flames, but then I can make out a human form within them. The whole body is burning. The figure is athletic, muscles defined within the fire. I’ve never seen anything like it before – I’m totally mesmerized.”

In this singular moment, Teresa realizes it:
Magic exists! And her great-aunt has bequeathed her much more than just a house.

It is the moment when a simple key reveals its magic and draws her into a strange world. The magical fox that accompanies Teresa now is not easy to conceal, especially because school heartthrob Ayden keeps an eye on her.

Her friend warned Teresa not to get involved with Ayden—but even she could never have guessed what motives were really hidden behind his pretty façade…

Are you ready to accompany Teresa into the world of key carriers to find out?

With the entire Entwined Fate series now complete, you can binge-read all 8 books to your heart’s content.

What readers say about the Entwined Fates series:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I definitely recommend this book !!! Don’t miss out it’s very good!! 💕

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I can’t remember the last time I openly sobbed at the end of a series. You definitely need to read each book in order to get the full impact at the end, but it will grab you in the heartstrings.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ OMG 😲🙄😮 This series keeps getting better and better!!

Have you ever had a pet that can do magic?

No? – Well, then take a look at what life with magical creatures looks like here… 🐶🐱🪄


This is where it gets REALLY emotional! 🫣

Because Tess has chosen a life that:

  • constantly pushes her to the edge of her limits,
  • and brings HIM with it.

This super hot guy who has an incredible attraction to her and shows her all too clearly that he doesn’t want her!

Not a problem for you?

Phew, lucky you! – After all, you wouldn’t find out otherwise:

  • What strange and exciting world this mysterious key leads Tess into.
  • What these magical creatures are all about.
  • And why fate is sometimes irrevocably predetermined…

The Secret of the Key 🗝️

Tess holds the key from her great-aunt’s legacy in her hand.

Suddenly, the key shoots out of her hand with an incredibly fast movement and flies away.

Tess sprints after the key, catches up with it, grabs it…

And at that moment, the world around her collapses in a blaze of light. Incidentally, this is also THE moment when Tess’s life changes completely…

Key spirits, goddesses of fate, dark beings, a foreign world…

Tess will have to deal with these things from now on. Because it looks like she is a key carrier.

She finds out what that actually means when she moves to her new school.

A quote from one of her teachers there: “Survival is the minimum requirement here.”

A very special subject…

In fact, one subject at this “special” school is unlike anything Tess has ever experienced!

Students training with their “pets”?!

Although the word pet certainly doesn’t fit. We’re not talking about ordinary dogs, cats or canaries…

No, the school’s large training hall is home to a wolf, a badger, a snake and even more exotic animals such as the little hummingbird.

And what exactly is being trained there?

Tess doesn’t have to wait long for the answer, because suddenly ice balls are flying through the air, whirlwinds are gathering and rain is pouring down from nowhere.

And her task is now not only to defend herself from such attacks, but also to launch attacks herself.

Of course, she has absolutely NO IDEA how to do this!

Fortunately, she has the little fox by her side, who will always accompany her from now on.

And what about the hot guy…?

He’s also part of this new world…

🔥Ayden🔥Smaragd green eyes, a face like something out of a fashion catalog and then that smile…

It’s simply impossible for Tess to resist.

Even though he’s made it very clear to her more than once that he absolutely does not want her in “his” world!

It’s just stupid that their paths keep crossing anyway…

One last question…

(…before you finally click on the button below and get the books.)

What does a magic fox actually eat? 🧐

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